Steve Salay transcript

Restricted Classification changed from CONFIDENTIAL" to "RESTRICTED" by order of the Secretary of War

By /a/E. Checket, Major Inf.



: SS County of Alameda :

Steve Alex SALAY., being duly sworn, deposes and says;

My permanent home address in R.F.D. No. 5, Hicksville, Ohio. My Marine Corps serial number is 278502. I am 27 years old and completed two years of high school.I was taken prisoner at Tientsin, China, on 6 December 1941. was a guard at the American Embassy there. I was held prisoner at the >Woosung Camp from December 1941 -to November 1942 and was then transferred to Japan, where I remained at the Yahata Camp from November 1942 to December 1945 and at the Tobata Camp from December 1945 to September 1945.Shortly after New Years Day in January 1945 at Tobata Camp, .11 CASH (a Wake Island civilian) was seized in his cobbling shop at out 1600 hours because a pair of shoes .had been found to be missing. ! was thrown in the guard house. At about 1950 hours when the commanding officer of the camp, Major RIKITAKI (phonetic), had left the-camp, the guards brought CASH to the front of the guard house and tied him to stretcher which they leaned up on the side of the guard house. CASH .s lying on his back with his head downward. I was standing in front ofBarracks No. 10 and witnessed the following treatment. CASH was beaten by the guards with wooden clubs across the face and body. A guard named MANINO (phonetic), and the camp- interpreter, ASANO (phonetic) took part in the beating, when Cash passed out be was revived with cold water. He was then untied and made to lie on his stomach, and the beatings were resumed on his back. Hot pokers from the guard house stove were applied to his wrists and arms. The beating, which were intermitent, lasted for about three hours. The hot poker treatment took place toward 2200 'hours, then CASH was taken to the guard house and made to kneel in the corner while the guards stuck burning cigarette butts into his face.

October 1945 /s/ Steve A. Salay_________

Subscribed and sworn to before me this 22nd day of October 1945 at Oakland, California, U.S.A.

/s/ John Goodwin Locke

Lieutenant Commander, USNR