Above left: Platoon Sergeant Harold A. Hoffman, February 1946

Above right: Corporal Harold "Doc" Hoffman, on arrival at Fukuoka 3-B November 1942


If you have information you would like to see here; if you want further clarification; if you want to relate some events; if you want to correct any errors I may have made - please contact me. My facts are as accurate as I can make them based on the books listed, official documents, and the memories of the North China Marines. My wife's father is Harold "Doc" Hoffman, deceased Nov 1960.  Studying his experiences as a North China Marine and talking to many other North China Marines convinced me of the need to put their story on the web so  relatives may learn more about the experiences of their fathers and grandfathers.There are millions of stories from the events of World War II.  Each deserves to be told.  By doing so we both remember and honor the participants. 

This story deserves more telling than many, less so than some. It is simply the story of the North China Marines. 

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