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 Allied POWs under the Japanese

This is the most complete listing of POWs and POW camps you will find anywhere. The information is accurate, something NARA files are not. Roger is doing, at his own expense, what the government should have done sixty years ago. The large majority of roster information for the North China Marines comes from this site. You must start here in any search for information on POWs in the Pacific.

Any POW and their relatives must visit this site frequently.  Excellent site with information on VA claims, benefits for former POWs, and legislation in Congress.  Every POW should be a member. 

Tons of information on POW camps on Kyushu with material added frequently. Includes maps showing location of all camps in Japan.  Created by Wes Injerd. Wes has been very helpful in getting me information on North China Marines at Fukuoka.

Easy to visit site on another of the many Fukuoka POW camps.Some excellent pictures.  Created by Linda Dahl.
British and American POWs shared many experiences.  This site has many useful links and other features.
Another British site with ties to camps holding North China Marines.
The 4th Marines were ordered out of Shanghai in November 1941.  Some of those captured in the Philippines were later sent to Japan.
Scroll down to Pacific POW label.

National Archives site, lists by state and branch of service.

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