the Miike Maru

All evidence shows the Miike Maru as transporting 70 POWs from Shanghai to the port of Moji, Japan.  This fits the number of POWs sent in November of 1942, which is when about 20 North China Marines were sent from Woosung in  Shanghai to Fukuoka 3-B.  They travelled in the standard method-in the hold.  About 5000 Japanese soldiers were also aboard.  The ship travelled from Shanghai up the coast of China to near Chinwangtao, then across to the Korean peninsula, then to Moji. The Miike Maru was sunk by the US submarine Trigger (SS-237) in March of 1944.  In November of 1943 the Trigger had sunk the Yawata Maru.  Yawata was the suburban area Fukuoka 3-B was in and also the name of the factory complex.The Trigger had actually been hunting Japanese targets around Kyushu from 23 Sep 1942 to 8 Nov 42, when the Miike Maru was bringing the POWs to port at Moji.

Prior to 1942 the Miike Maru had been known as the first Japanese ship to visit Seattle.  This visit in 1896 opened trade between Japan and Seattle.