Peiping Marine

Part Two


Above photo is of the replacement draft which arrived in Peking in May of 1940.  This includes quite a few of those men which later became POWs.  Photo from the files of the Doc Hoffman family (Doc is 6th from the right  in the front row. Chester Biggs thinks he is 6th from the right in the back row.  In white is field cook Benjamin Benson-according to chief cook Charles Darr.)  Please help identify others.

 Since the list below appeared in the June issue of the Peiping Marine it should contain the names of those in the picture above.  There are 65 individuals in the photo and 70 names listed. 





















The Tartar Wall was 60 feet high and 40 feet wide.  It was a favorite

place to pull guard or just sit and view the activities below.



Peking patrol car 1940 and Max Gaff below from files of Joel Jones



Robert Becker, in both photos above.  When he returned home he attended the University of Minnesota and was commissioned in the Marine Corps in 1952.  He remained on active duty until 1962.  He was so much a Marine his dog was named "Tripoli".  Photos courtesy of his daughter, Dianne Hoon.



Medical staff at Peking 3rd row:  unk, PM1st Loy J. Black 2nd row:  PM1st William S. Hunt, Edwin J. Fox, and Dan Walmer

1st row:  Commander Leo C. Thyson and ChPM Ellison K. Hall          



Photo below is from the files of Wade Armstrong.  He showed this to me on my visit to his home in July 2004.  His grandson Luke scanned it, along with any other material on this site named as from Wade Armstrong, and e mailed it to me.  William Lee is far right.  Paul Drake and James Climie are possibly in the photo.  Help identify the individuals shown here.

A Company Peking May 1941

I tried typing the roster below the photo but the program kept shutting down. The same photo is in smaller segments on the Recognize Anyone page.



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