The North China Marine

part Two

This  poem was in the collection of Jacob Schneider as were the newpaper clippings which follow.

                "SHORT TIMERS GOODBYE"

 'Tis many days I have tarriedIn dusty old "Bei Jing"And from the "Boars Nest" to the "Hills"Am known as a "Megwa Bing".

 But now boys I'm going to leave youAnd I swear I hate to goBut I'll soon be returningSo save me some old "Bee-Joe". 

I've paid my chits at the "D La Paix"And refinanced the "Alkazar"Helped out the folks in "Chien Men"And moved the "Olympics Bar"

 Put the "Golden Fan" on a paying basisAnd invested in "Son Ho Shin"Bought heavily of the "Saki"Since the Japs they moved in.

 Paid my dues at the "White House"And helped feed the "Rusky Hoard"Did my bit to keep "Hempels"From going by the board. 

Bought powder and rouge for "Mary"And shoes for "Madam Queen"Bought the fixtures in the "International"From the head to the tambourine.

 Had stock in the "White House"With its big bright displayAnd bought the kitchen utensilsWhen it changed to a "Cafe"

 Paid rent for the "Russian Princesses"And footed bills for their "Chow"Did my part for the Rifle Range "Farmers"In purchasing a brand new plow.

 I've played the horses at "Paomachang"And "Hai Alai" in TientsinAnd gave my bed to "Her Brother"You know, the one from "Harbin"

 Put a roof on "Thirty Seven"And a deck in "Number One"Bought beer in "Number Forty"While the sergeants had their fun.

 Bought coal for "Da Zar Lillie"And "Shura" her daily ginPaid the morning ricksha fareFor the "Home Loving Men"

 Moved the "Privates" to a mansionIn place of their rundown shackDrank my part of the "Vodka"In running up a "Stack"

 Took the girls to the "Cinema"And to dances at the "Legation Y"I'm leaving Peiping Buddy"Au Revoir", but not Good-Bye.  



The promotion roster below came out in either Sep or Oct of 41. By the time of capture the new stripes had been given out through Killebrew on the Sergeants list and through Battles on the Corporals list.

The clippings below are from various sources in Peking in November of 1941

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Peking/Tientsin Publications 1940-1941

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