Fukuoka 3-B photos

This camp also referred to as Tobata or Yawata.  All photos from NARA files.

Photos below taken by Army Recovery Team which arranged for movement of the POWs by train to the port of Nagasaki.

The White House at the end of the photos was the original camp in November 1942. In early 1943 all POWs were transferred as a group to a new camp nearby (pictured below) and continued working at the Yawata Steel Mills.


Note the photographer's words above. These men were armed and in control of Japanese territory before occupation forces set foot in Japan. They never received any official recognition for their actions - Bronze Star?? Commendation Medal ?? Occupation Medal?? This is the same group as the Guards at the Gate photo although this photo has more men than the other. The black man at upper right is most likely J J Trigg as mentioned in the information on the submarine Grenadier crew. The fact he is included in this group probably shows the high regard the Marines held for him.


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