Please help identify people in the photos below.  The photos are intentionally large to help in identification.  Many photos are on the page Peking/Tientsin Publications. Go to the Contact Us page for my address, phone number or email.
This first photo is from Keith Gaff, son of North China Marine Max Gaff.  Max is in the third row from the front, third in from right.  North China Marine John Whipple is 4th row back, five in from the left. The photo is most likely a basic training photo, the 26th Platoon, San Diego, in September 1939.  It is possible other North China Marines are in this photo.  You may have to scroll to the right to view the complete picture. 
The photo below is the new guys arriving at Peking in May of 1940.
In Navy whites should be Edwin Fox.  Doc Hoffman is 6th from right in front row.  Chester Biggs thinks he is 6th from right in back row.  Howard Chittenden may be 5th from left in back row.  There are many more in this photo who were also captured.
The photo below is from Connie Battles' daughter,  Bonnie Jean Evans.  Connie Battles is second from left.  In his handwriting he says this is a hard time party at the embassy.  The Chinese called him ega Bejo - one brew.  Can anyone name others in the photo?  Fifth from left in the white jacket is Gerald Beeman. To the right of Beeman is Irving B. Silverlieb (dark suit and black boots). Silverlieb was assigned to Wake before the war started and captured there.
The five photos below were sent to me by Keith Gaff, son of Max Gaff.  The original photo was three feet long.  It is of A Company in Peking, May 1941.  I had to break it up into 5 sections to fit it in.
Ranks in last two rows - all are Privates First Class.  Front row ranks are as listed.
Last Row:  Gesner, Dees, Moore, Armstrong, Glaze, Andressen, Chambers, BunnMiddle Row:  Gryder, Hornsby, Ditewig, Lusk, Beavers, Goudy, Brigham
Front Row:  Fld Music Bucher, PFc HP Brown, Corporals -  Engler, Ciarrachi, Schneider, Marshal, Klemme
Last Row:  Schlepp, FH Brown, Biggs, Evans, Folz, Bishop, Haberman, CastorMiddle Row:  Crichton, Grice, Turk, Croteau, Carson, Anderson, J Smith, Clancy
Front Row:  Corporals - Davidson, EC Clarke, Cohen, Martin, Bjorak, Sgt Cash, Sgt Stromstad
Last Row:  Castor, Roake (Roark??) Gentry, Sims, Cole, Gorczyca, DR Smith, MurphyMiddle Row:  Clancy, Becker, Ankrom, KR Clark, Bateman, French, Estep, Harne, Battles
Front Row:  Sgt Stromstad, 1st Sgt Townsend, 2ndLt McBrayer, Capt Hester, 2ndLt Newton, CMG Lee, PltSgt Carpenter, Sgt Rice
Last Row: Lindsey, Stewart, Cutler, Thomas, Brannon, HornMiddle Row:  Rodriguez, Benton, Biela, Nahas, Jesse, DJ Clarke
Front Row:  Corporals - Haugo, Melton, Blahuta, Crafts, Story, Bradshaw
Last Row:  Korzik, Ormseth, Logan, Dawson, Orr, TownsendMiddle Row:  Beeson, Waldman, Moeder, Clubine, Dodson, BoydenFront Row:  Corporals - Urbanavitch, Brimmer, Wrathal, Armstrong, Gray, FldMusic Gray
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